Spider is an advanced, fast, smart and easy to use web browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Special features include the Source Code Viewer, the possibility to modify User Agents, browsing with tabs, the quickly selectable widget, speed dials and more.

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Web View

The most important view in Spider is the web view. In the middle the website is displayed, above you can search and below there is a toolbar.

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Main menu

For effective navigation at maximum impact, Spider has a so called "Main menu". The Main menu contains all important functions and can be accessed via tab and web view.

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For fast and effective browsing, Spider offers a tab system. With the tab system you can have several windows (tabs) open at the same time and switch between them in no time!

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File Manager

Files can be downloaded and stored in the File Manager. Any file can be sent, renamed and deleted. It is also possible to move and duplicate files.

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Today Widget

In the Today view, there is a widget. The app can be opened through this widget. Four different areas are given, to which you can navigate directly. If there is a copied link, it can be opened with just one click.

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With „More“ is meant a bunch of functions that you can access via a menu / view with the same name. From that menu you can start a search on a website, save a website or translate one.

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Speed dials

In an empty web view the favorites are displayed as tiles (buttons). This representation allows you to quickly get to your favorite sites.

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For developers Spider offers a menu with the functions to change User Agents and to look at the source code of a loaded website.

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Source Code Viewer

With this feature you can take a look at the source code from every loaded page. It is also possible to navigate through the source code, as well as to open links. Last but not least, the source code can be shared as file.