Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 10/05/2015

This privacy describes how data of the users of Spider (the application) and related services is collected, stored and processed. By using Spider and related services, you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, please use neither the browser (Spider) nor the related services.

Types of information

Data of users are generally divided into four different categories:

"Personal Information" is information that you provide to us to identify you. Information such as name, phone number or e-mail address belonging to that category.

"Non-Personal Information" is information that can not be directly allocated to a specific person. Non-Personal Information is for example information about the configuration of a device or the version of the app.

"Potentially Personal Information" is information which is not Personal Information for itself, but in conjunction with other information it is possible to be identified. Information of this kind are, for example, Uniform Resource Locators ("URLs") (website addresses) or Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses (the addresses of computers on the Internet). These two types of "Potentially Personal Information" become "Personal Information" if you combine them with records of the relevant Internet Service Provider ("ISP").

"Aggregate Information" is information that is collected from users and collected into groups so that it is not possible to trace them back to a single user.

General data collection

On the website, no data is collected. For data collected from your ISP and links to external areas of the web please read the Terms of Use.

In the app itself no Aggregate Information is stored. Personal Information is often stored in the form of accounts and are in the appropriate folder on the device or the iCloud. Non-Personal Information and Potentially Personal Information arise when saving search or history entries, favorites, bookmarks and tabs. These data sets are locally in a database or in the iCloud. More types of stored data are cookies, caches and WebKit data. These can be Personal Information if they contain account information. Otherwise, they are Non-Personal Information or Potentially Personal Information. These records are in appropriate folders before on the device or the iCloud. Websites can access some of these information. Corresponding requests are governed by WebKit. Corresponding concerns should be clarified with the competent.

Contact support / Ideas transmission

When contacting the support and in the transmission of ideas or other concerns there is a possibility to add a predefined collection of Non-Personal Information as attachment or add text. The purpose of this information is to help the person who tries to help to understand the concern In this way it is possible to help users faster. These information will be deleted after the user was successfully helped. The e-mail address will also not be saved.

Location information for websites

Some websites require location information. Before a site location information is transmitted to the user is asked whether he would like to convey this information.


In mistranslations of the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy the version written in the German language shall prevail. But there is no guarantee for the accuracy of the content. Not even in the version written in the German language.

If you have questions / problems / suggestions as well as other concerns, please contact the Support.