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Legal Notices and Terms of Use

Last modified: 10/05/2015


The app and the website is provided to you without any warranty on accuracy and completeness available.

All contents and the resulting data is copyrighted by Leon force and may - without further agreement - not disclosed to third parties or figurative, are used in content or the printing process. Especially the use of pictures and media files from the software within their own websites, publications or applications requires written approval by Leon force. Concerns that deal with material used in the app website are to clarify with the responsible and the owners of the respective websites.

The installation of the app is at your own risk. The app is not responsible for indirect nor immediate damage caused by the installation, use or uninstall. The same applies to the site. Any other interaction with the products and associated content is also at your own risk. There is no liability.

Statements on to be indicated, sources of non-self-made material can be found in relevant sections of the site and the app. Again, there is no guarantee is given neither for the completeness nor for the accuracy.

Agree to Terms of Use

When you enter the website, or using the app or contacting the support you automatically agree to the terms of use. If you can not agree to these terms or you can not use the app, call the website, nor contact the support, nor any other content associated with the products and content.

Collection of data

The Privacy Police is concerned with all the information that is about collecting, storing and processing information or data on the website, the app or the support.


The cookies are also discussed in the Privacy Police.

Links to pages of third parties

We assume no liability to links to third party sites. Nor is taken responsibility for not self-created material. Relevant concerns must be clarified with the responsible or the holders.


As already described under "General" calling the website, as well as the installing, using and uninstalling the app is at your own risk. There is no liability for damages. No liability is assumed for all other services as well. The use of content (the app, the website and other) is always at your own risk.

Changes in Terms of Use

The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy may be changed anytime. The user is not required to contact. There is no guarantee for the accuracy of a date in the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy. For any other kind of accuracy, there is also no guarantee.

Use of content

As already mentioned under "General", subject to all content Copyright of Leon Kraft. For the use of content that are subject to this Copyright and property it is the originator, a written consent or the author is necessary if there is a need to use it elsewhere, that is beyond their intended purpose and environment in the products and content of the author.


In mistranslations of the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy the version written in the German language shall prevail. But there is no guarantee for the accuracy of the content. Not even in the version written in the German language.

If you have questions / problems / suggestions as well as other concerns, please contact the Support.